Thursday, March 21, 2013

Your ability to communicate with IMPACT
is no longer just an option.
It's a necessity!

In today's fast moving and competitive environment, effective communication skills are necessary in almost every field of endeavor.
Studies have found that highly effective communicators earn 73% more than average communicators, and they advance 3.6 times faster in their organization!
You CAN be an even more effective communicator! Your ideas CAN be organized and impacting! Your listeners CAN be responsive! You CAN speak with calmness and confidence! How do I know that? Because speaking before a group is a learned skill, and my career of over three decades as an award-winning professional speaker is proof of that!
Join me in Scottsdale AZ at my upcoming ...

"Speak With Impact"

FULL DAY Boot Camp

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

7:30am - 5:00pm

I'm going to share with you the secrets of my proven approach to successful speaking... all the insights and techniques I've gleaned from over 38 years on the platform!

  • Brilliant ways to organize your ideas for maximum impact.
  • The key to establishing rapport with your audience.
  • Confidence-building ways to prepare for your presentation.
  • How to create a powerful introduction that sets up your message.
  • Inside secrets for controlling your time as you speak.
  • Amazing ways to develop checklists so you forget nothing.
  • The keys to getting audience participation.
  • Creative ways to bring facts and statistics to life.
  • A little known way to use notes, and not memorize your speech.
  • How to incorporate humor, even if you're not a funny person.
  • Exciting ways to use visual aids effectively.
  • Unique ways to close with impact, so your audience won't forget you! 
You're going to leave my FULL-DAY Session with a 3-ring binder FILLED with over 120 pages of priceless material!

Here's what other students have said ...
"With over 50 branches in eight states, I attend over 100 of our company meetings a year and I personally speak at about 30 of them. Not a meeting goes by that I don't think of and use some technique Joel Weldon has taught me!
Larry Cox, Director of Sales
"I just recently spoke to 500 people for one hour and I have never been more comfortable! Not only did I hit a home run, I hit it out of the ball park! I had humor, was right on time and followed Joel's model of the Ten Building Blocks to the letter. I was so well prepared, it was all planned and then I executed it perfectly. I was thrilled!"
Gary Bushkin, CEO
National Curriculum & Training Institute, Inc.
"Joel has built a system for organizing your ideas, and then delivering them, that's fool proof! It's guaranteed to work. I was a pretty good speaker to begin with - and I'm using every one of his ideas to get even better!"
Brandon Ames, President/CEO
Able Info Technologies
"I always thought I was good in front of a group. Now I know the difference and now I'm so much more prepared, focused on the audience and connected to my listeners, thanks to Joel's "Speak With Impact" course. If you want to get even better as a company leader, Joel Weldon is the one who can help you build your skills!"
Noel Jordan, President & CEO
SkipperLiner Industries
EARLY BIRD Special (before MARCH 30th) =
$1100 per person

(After MARCH 30th = $1500 per person)
Space is limited to 10 participants