Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Knowing What To Say & Where To Say It

“Crossing the line” is a common expression in society today.

It’s heard in politics. “He crossed the line saying we should do away with Social Security.”  It’s heard on sportscasts. “The coach crossed the line on what he just did to his players!” And in stand-up comedy , “Oh my gosh, I’m afraid she crossed the line on that one, about a pig, a rolling pin and her mother-in-law!”

What about you? Did you ever cross the line at a business meeting, a religious gathering or a family event? Most of us have at some point in our lives. It taught us a lesson, and hopefully, it didn’t do too much damage.

So how do you know were the line is? No one draws it on the ground for you. You’re just expected to know, if you’re an adult, what you can and can’t say and do.

In the past there were guidelines such as: “Don’t talk about politics, religion or sex.” What? Are you kidding? Turn on the TV or radio. Check out radio talk shows. Surf the internet and blogs and they overflow with religion, politics and sex. Religious groups discuss cross-gender and homosexuality. Kids in school discuss politics. Politicians debate and discuss religion, everything from the Muslims in Afghanistan, to the Jews in Israel and the Christians in Korea. (South Korea has the largest Christian church in the world!) Do we not discuss these things?

What’s the penalty for “crossing the line?”  Oh, that’s simple—you offend someone! That’s it! Someone hears what you said or sees what you did and they are offended. Big deal! Oh, it is a big deal if you “offend” your biggest client, or your mother-in-law. It can be a huge issue in international relations and diplomacy if the people of one country offend another country. Wars have resulted when people were offended.

Now chances are, your crossing the line antics won’t cause a war—but it could cost you and cost you dearly.

If in reading this you expected to find a simple answer, I say to you, “Nay-Nay.” There isn’t a simple answer, mainly because what could be offensive to one person isn’t offensive to another, or ironically that very same “offended” person wouldn’t be offended in a different situation. Foul language used by a Sunday School teacher in a religious setting could offend a 17-year-old boy. That same foul language used by his high school football coach during practice wouldn’t raise his eyebrow a millimeter! Oh, did I offend you with millimeter instead of a fraction of an inch? See how vague that line location is?

Now let's look at suggestions. As a professional speaker who’s been in front of over half a million people, the guidelines have always been that I wouldn’t do or say anything I wouldn’t do or say if my two wonderful daughters were sitting in the front row. Nowadays, I add to that, imagining my four grandchildren sitting there with them.

That’s a very clear line and fairly easy not to cross. You need your own line markers in the important areas of your life.

Another example—Blue Comedy. Raw and raunchy funny stuff peppered with every sexual example imaginable and every dirty word you’ve ever heard and some you haven’t. But it’s OK—the line is clear. That comedian has a reputation for that kind of stuff. There is no line. Most of their audience isn’t offended. They prepared themselves for raw and they got it. Yet, the biggest paychecks in comedy go to “clean” comedy. Yes the “G” and “PG” rated comedians like Brian Regan, Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan  don’t get close to that line! If they did they would “offend” with even a tippy toe over the line.

What you can also do is lighten up a bit, lower your “I’m offended” monitor. Work at being even more tolerant. As a society we’ve gotten so uptight and so protective of our lines. Remember it’s a land of free speech. Each one can legally say almost anything. It’s not always easy, but think of the alternative—restrictive speech, banned words, sensored writing and burned books.

Let's just agree, yes, there are lines not to cross. They vary in location based on time and place, and yes, you can lower your “I’m offended” monitor just a little bit and, most of all, work at thinking more correctly who you’re speaking with and where their line might be. In the days when 70% of adults smoked, the thoughtful ones would say: “Would you mind if I smoke?” They were looking for the line! When in doubt ask! If you don’t, then you’re a stupid, self-centered, egotistical jerk!

Oops, guess I crossed the line there, because you were expecting me to close with… MAKE it a great day!

Monday, August 5, 2013


The perfect way to tap your unlimited potential
They learned foreign languages, designed buildings, and invented products.
They played their favorite sports—repeatedly hitting homeruns and scoring touchdowns. Had they not been locked in tiny, filthy cells, fed like animals and frequently tortured, they could have passed for students in a special university.
And, in a way, that’s exactly what they were: students at the “University of the Imagination”—American POW’s who used their imaginations to transcend the horrors of North Vietnamese prisons.
Remarkably, after years of incarceration, many of them came home speaking three lan­guages fluently. Some earned millions of dollars on their inventions. Others, having learned to play the piano on imaginary keyboards scratched in the dirt, or having learned to play the guitar using crude wood slats with no strings, were accomplished musicians when they returned.
Col. George Hall is representative of these “University of the Imagination” students.
Before he was captured by the Viet Cong, Hall was an outstanding golfer. But his imprisonment lasted seven years, during which the closest he came to stepping on a golf course was when his bare feet touched the mold growing on the floor of his cell.
Still, he played eighteen holes of golf every day—in his imagination!
With his eyes closed, his concentration focused on the courses he’d played back home, he experienced every detail as if it were real. He could smell the freshly cut grass, feel his hands caressing the grip of his driver as he teed off, see the ball’s soaring trajectory against a vividly blue sky, and, later, see the ball falling gently into the cup.
Not once did he envision himself hitting wild shots, missing easy putts, or landing in the water. His imaginary practice was perfect practice. And, upon returning to the U.S., he continued playing near-perfect golf. In fact, his first time on a course—just a few weeks after his release—he entered a tourna­ment and shot a brilliant 76, holding to the four handicap he had established seven years earlier!
When wide-eyed spectators asked him how he did it, Hall said, “What’s the surprise? I’ve been practicing every day for over seven years.”
Practicing indeed. He had graduated summa cum laude from the University of the Imagination.
Here’s what you can do:
   1. Discipline yourself to habitually imagine the best possible results. See the sales agreement being signed. Feel the thrill of achieve­ment as you reach your business goal and receive recognition for a job well done. Hear the praise your loved ones will lavish on you as they share your victory.
   2. Write your own script, just as Col. Hall did when he played his imaginary, perfect golf games. Decide what result you want, then imagine yourself accomplishing each step necessary to attain that result.
   3. Don’t waste time. Use your free moments—stuck in a traffic jam, waiting for an appointment, or just before going to sleep—to exercise your imagination and tap more of your unlimited potential.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


You're out for dinner with friends, great restaurant, terrific food and an interesting and stimulating discussion. Your server comes over, leaves the check and thanks you for coming in. Suddenly the mood changes. In all the years you've been friends, they very rarely pick up the check. But you've decided that tonight it's going to be different! It's their turn to pay the bill and you won't pick up that check, no matter what!
No doubt you've experienced people with Alligator Arms. Yes, Alligator Arms! Their arms are so short they can't reach the check or their wallet! They not only have Alligator Arms when it comes to paying for dinner, they're just plain CHEAP about everything! Stingy and miserly people who go to great lengths to avoid spending their own money on almost anything! This is not a good trait.
Now keep in mind, we're not talking about being "financially conservative", "a wise shopper" or "thrifty." Those are positive qualities! CHEAP is taking those positives to the extreme, and it becomes a serious weakness that can alienate your friends, turn off your associates and estrange you from loved ones.
Using a scale of 1 (really cheap) to 10 (really generous), how would you rate yourself? A passing grade might be a 6 or higher. Those friends with the Alligator Arms would be a 1, 2 or 3. And the person who always picks up the check, puts on the parties, funds scholarships for needy kids, pays for a neighbor's kid to go to summer camp, and slips the homeless guy 20 bucks, is a 10!
Most people, it seems, fall between a 4 and an 8. How about you?
If you're cheap in other people's eyes, you might not even be aware of it. But trust me, those that know you, know you.
To help you improve your generosity, here are a few suggestions to consider...
  1. You decide to split the check. Two couples, 4 meals, $80 bill, 50/50 split, $40 each. Don't say, "but you guys had salads and we didn't so it should be $30 us and $50 you." For ten bucks be a sport! Next time maybe you'll be the salad people and they won't.
  2. The tip you leave is seen too. As you know, if things are even just "OK" in a restaurant, 15% is the minimum, 20% is good and 25%+ is generous. Be generous if you've gotten great service and write a thank you on the check to your server.
  3. Someone invites you out as their guest to play golf or tennis at "their club." Offer to buy the balls, pay for drinks and food, or follow up with an invite to "your club."
  4. Do you get to go boating, fishing or waterskiing on someone else's boat? Always offer, no, insist on paying for the gas! Our family is really into boating. We own a houseboat, fishing boat, ski boat and jet skis and they all use gas. For 25 years we've invited friends out to be with us. Most offer to at least pay for gas. One good friend brought me a T-shirt that said, "Saying Thank You doesn't pay for gas!" I loved it, but probably won't wear it because if you have to ask someone to pay, it's just not the same, is it?
OK, you get the point. Alligator Arms do not go unnoticed! And you know the kind of people I'm talking about...
"He's so tight he squeaks when he walks." "He's so cheap he named himself as the beneficiary of his life insurance."
"He's so cheap he married a skinny gal so he could buy her a smaller ring."
"He's so cheap when he got run over by a liquor truck it was the first time the drinks were on     him!"
Hopefully now you're laughing. But the next time you're given a choice between being cheap or being generous, choose generous! Why? Because it's only money! And you can always earn more money... but it's hard to mend a relationship when you have... Alligator Arms!
MAKE it a great day!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Pete Adkins, President of Transamerica Agency Network, is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He loves to use that 5-word expression, "This is America, by God!"
You too can use that powerful, uplifting 5-word statement as a tool to help you make 2013 the best year you've ever had!
By "Your Best Year" it means best in every way... physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, with your loved ones and in your career, that whole ball of wax that you call your life. This should be your best year!
Pete Adkins leads thousands of insurance salespeople and managers, yet his job is a lot like yours... that of "problem solver." Yes, almost every working person's job is to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and be unstoppable.
Business owners have to figure out ways to grow their business, increase their customer service, compete with lower priced competitors, and hire, train and retain great team members.
The office support person has to figure out ways to get the work done correctly and on time.
Teachers and parents have the challenge of educating children, providing proper nutrition, keeping them safe and instilling wholesome core values.
Yes, almost everyone has to be a problem solver, and if you agree, here are two tools to assist you in solving some of those problems.
The first one you've seen and heard before. It's that Can of Success with the label that says: "Success Comes In Cans, Not In Cannots."
Since 1974 people who have attended my seminars or invested in my audio and video programs have gotten one of those cans. As of today, well over half a million of those cans sit on people's desks all across America and around the world.
If yours is in sight now, here's how to use it as the first step in problem solving.
When you're faced with the day-to-day challenges in your life, begin by looking at that can and asking yourself, "OK, self, based on this challenge I'm now facing, what CAN I do?"
"Oh, come on Joel," you say, "that's way too corny and simplistic in this high tech, nanosecond, mind-numbing world we live in."
No, it's not! Thinking in "cans" is exactly the mind-set direction you need in order to begin generating those brilliant solution-producing ideas.
The ordinary, frustrated, stressed-out person sees a challenge as a difficulty, an obstacle, and thinks, "Why me? This isn't fair!" Or "Come on, give me a break." That's quickly followed by, "I just can't do this stuff anymore."
Hey, stop! Stop thinking of what you can't do and start focusing on what you CAN do! Why? Because... "This is America, by God!"
And that's Step Two... use Pete Adkins' words to remind yourself that you're an American, and that America is special, unique, a nation founded in 1776 that has overcome problems from day one. Against all odds we gained our freedom from, at that time, the world's most powerful country, and for over 200 years we've been beating the odds because of people who think in CANS.
As you probably learned in grade school, the last four letters of "AMERICAN" spell out "I CAN" ... and yes, you CAN!
Some people say, "Oh come on, Joel, life's way too difficult today to be aided by corny, simplistic statements like I CAN and Success Comes In Cans."
Too tough? Too difficult? Hey, naysayers... at this very minute as I'm writing these words, I'm sitting at my desk in the middle of a barren wasteland called a desert, miles from water, surrounded by rugged mountains on ground that's too hard to plant anything in!
Oh, wait! That was what Scottsdale, Arizona used to be like before an American, Jack Swilling, with an "I CAN" attitude, decided to create a new agriculture area by bringing water to the desert.
Once he did that, Winfield Scott bought 620 acres for $2.50 per acre and began building a town that soon became a city... a city that now sells an acre of land for a million dollars! How did that happen? By saying "It can't be done? It won't work? It's impossible? It's too hard?" No! This is America, by God! And in America you can do amazing things! As an American, you know exactly what makes us special. Our creativity, ingenuity and productivity. Our generosity, freedom of religion, entrepreneurial spirit, the melting pot of races and cultures, and the sheer beauty of our land.
Yes, you can go on and on about why America is great... but is it great for you, right now? If it's not and those challenges, obstacles and problems have got you down, decide now to think in CANS and then take action, because... This is America, by God!
How about that last word of Pete's statement... God! Do you believe in God... a supreme being, more powerful and intelligent than man? Not everyone does. The American Atheistic Organization has 2200 members and thousands more who call themselves atheists. That's OK because... This is America, by God! And by most accounts, the vast majority of Americans do believe in God.
So if you do, add a powerful addition to "I CAN" and "This is America" ... because now you have God helping you solve your problems! Oh, what a powerful addition that can be in these challenging times!
Decide right now, this minute, to begin each battle you face with an "I CAN" attitude ... followed by "This is America" ... and then bring God with you!
You CAN make 2013 your best year ever!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Your ability to communicate with IMPACT
is no longer just an option.
It's a necessity!

In today's fast moving and competitive environment, effective communication skills are necessary in almost every field of endeavor.
Studies have found that highly effective communicators earn 73% more than average communicators, and they advance 3.6 times faster in their organization!
You CAN be an even more effective communicator! Your ideas CAN be organized and impacting! Your listeners CAN be responsive! You CAN speak with calmness and confidence! How do I know that? Because speaking before a group is a learned skill, and my career of over three decades as an award-winning professional speaker is proof of that!
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I'm going to share with you the secrets of my proven approach to successful speaking... all the insights and techniques I've gleaned from over 38 years on the platform!

  • Brilliant ways to organize your ideas for maximum impact.
  • The key to establishing rapport with your audience.
  • Confidence-building ways to prepare for your presentation.
  • How to create a powerful introduction that sets up your message.
  • Inside secrets for controlling your time as you speak.
  • Amazing ways to develop checklists so you forget nothing.
  • The keys to getting audience participation.
  • Creative ways to bring facts and statistics to life.
  • A little known way to use notes, and not memorize your speech.
  • How to incorporate humor, even if you're not a funny person.
  • Exciting ways to use visual aids effectively.
  • Unique ways to close with impact, so your audience won't forget you! 
You're going to leave my FULL-DAY Session with a 3-ring binder FILLED with over 120 pages of priceless material!

Here's what other students have said ...
"With over 50 branches in eight states, I attend over 100 of our company meetings a year and I personally speak at about 30 of them. Not a meeting goes by that I don't think of and use some technique Joel Weldon has taught me!
Larry Cox, Director of Sales
"I just recently spoke to 500 people for one hour and I have never been more comfortable! Not only did I hit a home run, I hit it out of the ball park! I had humor, was right on time and followed Joel's model of the Ten Building Blocks to the letter. I was so well prepared, it was all planned and then I executed it perfectly. I was thrilled!"
Gary Bushkin, CEO
National Curriculum & Training Institute, Inc.
"Joel has built a system for organizing your ideas, and then delivering them, that's fool proof! It's guaranteed to work. I was a pretty good speaker to begin with - and I'm using every one of his ideas to get even better!"
Brandon Ames, President/CEO
Able Info Technologies
"I always thought I was good in front of a group. Now I know the difference and now I'm so much more prepared, focused on the audience and connected to my listeners, thanks to Joel's "Speak With Impact" course. If you want to get even better as a company leader, Joel Weldon is the one who can help you build your skills!"
Noel Jordan, President & CEO
SkipperLiner Industries
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Change Comes Bearing You Gifts!

Birthdays, anniversaries and holiday times all bring you gifts... an I-pad, a watch, a ring, or a bracelet. Whatever gift you receive, it will pale in comparison to the gift you can give yourself... when you seek personal improvement!
Your ability to speak with even more impact and effectiveness will be a priceless gift to yourself. How do you get this gift?? Decide to step out of your comfort zone in order to improve some of the things you're now doing.
Think of this...

"To get what you've never had, you must do what you've never done!"

So what do you want to happen when you speak?
  • To be even more relaxed and confident?
  • To be even more prepared?
  • To be even more humorous?
  • To be even more memorable?
Improvement begins by first identifying exactly what it is you want to do better. Let's just say you want to be even more humorous when you speak. Where do you begin?
  • Watch funny T.V. shows and study their humor.
  • Watch funny movies... there are thousands.
  • Go to comedy clubs.
  • Buy comedy CDs and books.
  • Write down everything that makes you laugh.
  • Start practicing on your family, friends, associates and even strangers. Tell something funny you've heard or read at least 7 to 21 times before you make it part of your presentation!
Hey, is this sounding like a lot of work? Yes, of course it is! The prize is in direct proportion to the price! Your rewards (being more humorous) will be in direct proportion to your effort. Think funny! Practice funny! And you'll BE funny! You CAN step out of your comfort zone and receive the gifts that await you!!
MAKE it a great day!

P.S. Being an AMAZING communicator is not a natural gift you're born with! I know, from my decades of experience coaching hundreds of executives, managers and super salespeople, that it's a LEARNED SKILL! And no matter how good you are now, with my one-on-one speech coaching (whether in person or by phone), you'll have an eye-opening experience that will almost instantly take your speaking skills and presentation effectiveness to a whole new, more powerful level!

You're going to reap tremendous benefits!

I'm going to share with you dozens of little known strategies, all the wisdom I've gleaned from over 37 years as an award winning professional speaker. Let me help you craft an impacting message specifically for your audience, and to deliver it with calmness and confidence!

You'll be amazed and delighted to discover how much
immediate improvement there will be in your
very next presentation!

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