Saturday, October 30, 2010

Your Sales Can Soar With TLC

  • What does your customer need & want?
  • What are their likes & dislikes?
  • What’s important to them and what isn’t?
From this moment on, stop thinking like you've thought before, and use TLC.
It means "Tender Loving Care" right?  No!  TLCThink Like a Customer!
Begin by asking yourself, How does my customer think?

Barnes & Noble Bookstores used to think like a retail book company. “Our customers love books so we'll stock lots of books in our stores and sell them. We'll get our market share in spite of other bookstores, online companies and discounters.”

Then they used TLC, and decided that . . . “Our customers really love to read! So let's create a store made to meet that need. A place to relax with a book in a big chair, drinking a specialty drink, listening to a piano playing softly in the background.” 

Shopping for books became enjoyable and fun. Sales soared!

Now—right now—Think Like a Customer—your customer—and watch your sales soar!

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